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  • Record Reel

    Record Reel

    Always Spinning My “always spinning” record gif features the perpetual rotation of vinyl, embodying the timeless charm of music. This mesmerizing loop invites viewers to lose themselves in its smooth motion, evoking feelings of nostalgia and fascination.

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  • Water Droplet

    Water Droplet

    Transforming Water into Art For this photograph our assignment was to capture an image of a water droplet. We had to find the correct shutter speed to be able to make it look like we froze the droplet.

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  • Hometown Rebrand

    Hometown Rebrand

    Carver For this assignment we had to create a new logo for our home town and then make a brochure about the town. For the logo, I made a semicircle and turned it into a cranberry vine. Cranberries symbolize what the town of Carver is known for. It is the main industry of the town.…

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