Author: Olivia Sontag

  • 3D Prosthetic Arm

    3D Prosthetic Arm

    3D Prosthetic Arm As a design student I had to choose a topic for a magazine cover and a magazine brand to create my cover. I chose to create a cover for Amplitude magazine and te focus was turning bottle caps into prosthetic limbs. The goal of the cover design was to make a design…

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  • Reel Case Study

    Reel Case Study

    Reel Case Study Disclaimer: The social media ads created by the author for this case study project feature a fictitious representation of a brand-name product. These advertisements are part of an experiential learning exercise and are only imaginative works of fiction. The products are not endorsed by the actual brands mentioned. Objective The objective of…

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  • Record Reel

    Record Reel

    Always Spinning My “always spinning” record gif features the perpetual rotation of vinyl, embodying the timeless charm of music. This mesmerizing loop invites viewers to lose themselves in its smooth motion, evoking feelings of nostalgia and fascination.

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  • B&W Photos

    B&W Photos

    Finding Beauty in Simplicity This black and white photo captures the simplicity and beauty of a single flower. By removing color, the focus shifts to the elegant shape and delicate details of the petals. I was drawn to the flower’s quiet strength and tranquil presence, amidst the chaos of the world. This image serves as…

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  • Water Droplet

    Water Droplet

    Transforming Water into Art For this photograph our assignment was to capture an image of a water droplet. We had to find the correct shutter speed to be able to make it look like we froze the droplet.

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  • Hometown Rebrand

    Hometown Rebrand

    Carver For this assignment we had to create a new logo for our home town and then make a brochure about the town. For the logo, I made a semicircle and turned it into a cranberry vine. Cranberries symbolize what the town of Carver is known for. It is the main industry of the town.…

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  • Summer Pops

    Summer Pops

    Summer Pops For this assignment we had to make a poster for the Festival Summer Pops. Summer Pops is a music festival that has fireworks after the show. My thoughts were to use blue and orange for the daytime and as the pop of color.  Then dark blue for when it gets later at night…

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  • Recyclobot


    Recyclobot For this project we had to build a robot out of recycled and household materials and then make an instruction sheet for 6-10 year old kids. Using my instructions, they will learn how to build their own “Recyclo Bot.” I chose to make the robot on the logo cute because the project is for…

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