Reel Case Study

Disclaimer: The social media ads created by the author for this case study project feature a fictitious representation of a brand-name product. These advertisements are part of an experiential learning exercise and are only imaginative works of fiction. The products are not endorsed by the actual brands mentioned.


The objective of this project was to create a promotional video for Petco, highlighting a 50% discount offer on all reptile accessories. The goal was to attract customers to the store and boost sales of reptile-related products.

Concept Development

The concept for the reel centered around showcasing various reptile accessories available at Petco, including a bearded dragon, food bowl, toys, harness, hide, log, and food. The idea was to highlight the diversity of products available and emphasize the 50% discount offer.

Sketching & Storyboarding

Lo-fi sketches of the products were created initially, followed by mid-fi concept views to visualize the product and its value proposition. A storyboard was then developed to guide the sequence of the reel, leading viewers from introduction to desire to action.

Content Creation

Photographs and videos of the reptile accessories were captured using a professional camera. This content formed the basis for the promotional reel, showcasing the products in a visually engaging manner.


Post-production involved editing the photos and videos in Adobe Photoshop to enhance their quality and ensure consistency. Additionally, an animation was created using Adobe Photoshop to add visual interest and dynamism to the reel.


The final Instagram Reel promotion effectively showcased Petco’s reptile accessories and highlighted the 50% discount offer. The combination of engaging visuals and compelling promotions contributed to increased customer engagement and foot traffic to Petco stores.


This project provided valuable experience in concept development, content creation, and post-production editing techniques. By leveraging photography and digital editing tools, high-quality visuals were created to effectively communicate the promotional message. The collaborative nature of the project fostered creativity and innovation, resulting in a final product that resonated with the target audience.


Overall, the Petco Instagram Reel promotion successfully utilized creative skills and digital tools to deliver an engaging and effective promotional video. Through strategic concept development and visual storytelling, Petco was able to attract customers and drive sales of reptile accessories. Moving forward, the insights gained from this project will inform future marketing efforts and contribute to the ongoing success of Petco’s digital marketing strategy.