Magazine Case Study

Project Objective

As a design student I was asked to visualise a magazine cover for engineering prosthetics out of bottle caps. The goal of the cover design was to make a design to visualise that a bottle cap was turned into a prosthetic. I had to choose a topic and a magazine type to create my cover. The challenge is to understand people struggles and come up with a solution for them and also make other people aware of this issue.


A couple problems people have with getting prosthetics are that they don’t have a lot of money. Prosthetics can have unreasonable prices and if they do find one with a good price it isn’t always the best quality. By doing this magazine cover it’ll raise awareness to all of there’s challenges and hopefully get peoples attention to help. I had to find a magazine that was all about amputees and prosthetics. The magazine that best suited this issue was Amplitude magazine.


Prosthetic limbs have many affordances but the main one it to help get mobility back. Prosthetic legs help people walk again, a prosthetic arm helps people hold things again. Without these it is really hard for people to everyday tasks.


One big limitation for us to create these prosthetic is not having enough people to donate bottle caps. If enough bottle caps aren’t donated we won’t be able to make enough prosthetic limbs.

Solution Process

Solutions I have come up with have been to find fundraisers and start donations. By doing this it will raise more awareness and get more people to help out. I have also researched and gathered information about prosthetic evolution and how you can make bottle caps into prosthetic limbs. Bottle caps are a great source of plastic that can be melted down and used to 3D print the limbs.

Target Audience

Our target audience would be people born without limbs and amputees. We are also reaching out to any engineers who would want to help make the prosthetics, as well as medical professionals, therapists, and advocacy groups dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with limb differences. Additionally, we aim to engage with technology enthusiasts and innovators who are passionate about advancing assistive technologies.


To create this magazine cover I had to think outside the box and put bottle caps and prosthetic limbs into one image. The final idea I came up with was to have a bottle cap unwinding and turning into the prosthetic. This will show that the bottle cap makes the prosthetic but it also shows it is being used as the filament in the 3D printer. After I came up with the idea, I had to sketch it out and come up with the headline and slogan.

Final Steps

The final steps I had to make was to create my sketch in a 3D software called Cinema 4D. This will allow me to make a more realistic magazine cover. Once the model is finished I had to create the actual magazine cover using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.